Best Artificial Intelligence Course 100% Gauranteed Internship Training in Coimbatore

Course Features

  • Lectures 50
  • Quizzes 13
  • Duration 45 days
  • Skill level Mid Level
  • Language English
  • Students 5
  • Assessments Yes
Yuvaraj Karuppusamy

Academic Instructor


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Artificial Intelligence Training & Internship in Coimbatore

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Training in Coimbatore is provided by Techi4s, #1 AI training institute in Coimbatore. Techi4s Provides Best AI Training Courses in Coimbatore & we train students from basic to advanced concepts, within a real-time environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future technology field in the World and implementation in their business could yield the highest economic benefits, it will increase their annual growth rate from 2.6 percent to 4.6 percent by 2035. Hence large number of organizations are implementing Artificial Intelligence for their success and the demand for Artificial Intelligence professionals in AI is growing at an amazing speed now.

Our training Institute is equipped with perfect environment with all required facilites and course fee is less compared to other training institutes.Our Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence training will be scheuled on Regular Weekdays and Weekends based on students requirements

Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training in Coimbatore

Artificial Intelligence is such an occurrence thought of late. and other people square measure showing extreme avidity to require a course in AI. This intelligence shown by machines are a few things that encompasses a wide application and has been ready to carve a distinct segment for itself. though there square measure several institutes that provide AI coaching in Coimbatore, you have got to be further cautious whereas selecting one for yourself. select a coaching institute that guarantees quality coaching.


  • Strong hold on Mathematics
  • Strong experience of programming languages like python
  • Writing algorithm for finding patterns and learning
  • Strong data analytics skills
  • Good knowledge of Discrete mathematics

Benefits to learn Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence

  • Simplifies Product Marketing and Assists in Accurate Sales ForecastsML helps enterprises in multiple ways to promote their products better and make accurate sales forecasts. ML offers huge advantages to sales and marketing sector, with the major ones being.
    • Massive Data Consumption from Unlimited SourcesML virtually consumes unlimited amount of comprehensive data. The consumed data can then be used to constantly review and modify your sales and marketing strategies based on the customer behavioral patterns. Once your model is trained, it will be able to identify highly relevant variables. Consequently, you will be able to get focused data feeds by foregoing long and complicated integrations.
    • Rapid Analysis Prediction and ProcessingThe rate at which ML consumes data and identifies relevant data makes it possible for you to take appropriate actions at the right time. For instance, ML will optimize the best subsequent offer for your customer. Consequently, the customer will be able to see the right offer at a given point of time, without you actually investing time to plan and make the right ad visible for your customers.
    • Interpret Past Customer BehaviorsML will let you analyze the data related to past behaviors or outcomes and interpret them. Therefore, based on the new and different data you will be able make better predictions of customer behaviors.
  • Facilitates Accurate Medical Predictions and DiagnosesIn healthcare industry, ML helps in easy identification of high-risk patients, make near perfect diagnoses, recommend best possible medicines, and predict readmissions. These are predominantly based on the available datasets of anonymous patient records as well as the symptoms exhibited by them. Near accurate diagnoses and better medicine recommendations will facilitate faster patient recovery without the need for extraneous medications. In this way, ML makes it possible to improve patient health at minimal costs in the medical sector.
  • Simplifies Time-Intensive Documentation in Data EntryData duplication and inaccuracy are the major issues confronted by organizations wanting to automate their data entry process. Well, this situation can be significantly improved by predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms. With this, machines can perform time-intensive data entry tasks, leaving your skilled resources free to focus on other value-adding duties.
  • Improves Precision of Financial Rules and ModelsML also has a significant impact on the finance sector. Some of the common machine learning benefits in Finance include portfolio management, algorithmic trading, loan underwriting and most importantly fraud detection. In addition, according to a report on ‘The Future of Underwriting’ published by Ernst and Young, ML facilitates continual data assessments for detecting and analyzing anomalies and nuances. This helps in improving the precision of financial models and rules.
  • Easy Spam DetectionSpam detection was one of the earliest problems solved by ML. Few years ago email providers made use of rule-based techniques to filter out spam. However, with the advent of ML, spam filters are making new rules using brain-like neural networks to eliminate spam mails. The neural networks recognize phishing messages and junk mail by evaluating the rules across a huge network of computers.
  • Increases the Efficiency of Predictive Maintenance in the Manufacturing IndustryManufacturing firms have corrective as well as preventive maintenance practices in place. However, these are often costly and inefficient. This is exactly where ML can be of great help. ML helps in the creation of highly efficient predictive maintenance plans. Following such predictive maintenance plans will minimize the chances of unexpected failures, thereby reducing unnecessary preventive maintenance activities.
  • Better Customer Segmentation and Accurate Lifetime Value PredictionCustomer segmentation and lifetime value prediction are the major challenges faced by marketers today. Sales and marketing units will have enormous amounts of relevant data sourced from various channels, such as lead data, website visitors and email campaigns. However, accurate predictions for incentives and individual marketing offers can be easily achieved with ML. Savvy marketers now use ML to eliminate guess work associated with data-driven marketing. For instance, using the data representing the behavioral pattern of a particular set of users during a trial period will help businesses in predicting the probability of conversion to paid version. Such a model triggers customer interventions to better engage the customers in the trial and also persuade customers to convert early.
  • Recommending the Right ProductProduct recommendation is an important aspect of any sales and marketing strategy including upselling and cross-selling. ML models will analyze the purchase history of a customer and based on that they identify those products from your product inventory in which a customer is interested in. The algorithm will identify hidden patterns among the items and will then group similar products into clusters. This process is known as unsupervised learning, which is a specific type of ML algorithm. Such a model will enable businesses to make better product recommendations for their customers, thereby motivating product purchase. In this way, unsupervised learning helps in creating a superior product-based recommendation system.

Best Artificial Intelligence Course 100% Gauranteed Internship in Coimbatore

Yuvaraj Karuppusamy Academic Instructor

He is the Professor of the Department of Computer Applications at Gobi Arts & Science College where he has been since 2013. He also currently serves as Creative Head of Techi4s Soft Solutions. During 2013-2018 he was worked as Developer,Trainer and etc.,

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