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  • Duration 19 day
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Yuvaraj Karuppusamy

Creative Head


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AWindows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft's new framework for building distributed systems. It unifies and builds on the diverse set of existing distribution mechanisms, which include ASP.NET Web services and .NET Remoting. WCF enables developers to produce highly configurable, secure, reliable and transactional services using a single simplified programming model. And since WCF supports the WS-* series of Web service standards, it enables simple interoperation with other platforms and technologies. This course covers the essentials of the technology and includes a large number of working examples and lab exercises.


In order to take this course, you should have at least 3 months of experience programming in C# & VB. Also, any familiarity with XML Web Service will be helpful:

  • C# & VB Basics for Beginners (essential knowledge)
  • C# & VB Intermediate: Classes, interfaces and Object-oriented (essential knowledge)
  • C# & VB Advanced (essential knowledge)
  • XML Web Service in Depth

What you'll learn

  • WCF Essentials
  • WCF Architecture
  • Service Contracts
  • Data Contracts
  • WCF Generics
  • Streaming Rich Content with WCF
  • Error Handling
  • WCF Transactions
  • Concurrency Management
  • Instance & Concurrency Management
  • Queued Services
  • WCF Security
  • Service Bus
  • Azure AppFabric Bus
  • Overview of Service Orientation

Yuvaraj Karuppusamy Creative Head

He is the Professor of the Department of Computer Applications at Gobi Arts & Science College where he has been since 2013. He also currently serves as Creative Head of Techi4s Soft Solutions. During 2013-2018 he was worked as Developer,Trainer and etc.,

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